3 Quick Steps: Creating your 2016/7 Hub area

STEP 1 | Know your options:

Option 1 - New

  • Redesigned template structure
  • Updated links to resources and support
  • Clean grade centre with new smartviews
  • Easy to bring across content from other Hub sites (1 min video available here)

Option 2 - Copy

This option will simply copy your 2015/6 module area. Tutors will need to check all links are working and all dates are updated. Announcements will not copy across & discussion boards will only copy the starter posts across (these can be deleted by the tutor).

Option 3 - Programme template

With the same benefits as the New template. It allows students to have a consistent experience across all their programme modules in the Hub.

STEP 2 | Complete your form:

Go to the 2016/7 module area in the Hub form click here.

STEP 3 | Your 2016/7 Hub area is created:

TEL will be creating Hub areas in phases. All requests made before 8th April 2016 will have their options applied on 18th April 2016.

Students will be able to access Semester 1 modules from 5th September 2016 and Semester 2 modules from 9th January 2017.

Additional information

2015/6 Module areas will be available to students until 2nd September 2016 and staff will continue to have access until the areas are archived on 23rd September 2016. If you require an extension on a module area please complete the extension form.

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