Welcome to the CAP programme of workshops & events. CAP’s ongoing remit is to enhance learning, teaching and research, and to provide a diverse programme of professional development opportunities to support staff and students in those aspects of their work & studies. Most workshops are intended for QMU staff, collaborative partner staff, and postgraduate students.

We offer a range of topics aimed at helping support and enhance our students’ learning through a variety or Teaching & Learning, Learning Technologies, and Researcher development.  As well as highlighting any evidence base, each workshop has real, practical applications in teaching. You will find a list of upcoming workshops and events below, which link to registration pages.

Any suggestions for future events would be welcome by contacting CAP Admin. Alternatively we can design an appropriate session for programme teams who would like a particular topic to be covered.

All CAP staff events are closely linked to the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and supporting learning in higher education. Further information at: HEA - Professional Standards Framework (pdf).

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Some of our workshops / events

Collaborate: synchronous online learning
Turnitin for Assessments (online)
Profiling assessment across your programme
Review and validation surgeries
Module size change drop-in sessions
Six Month Writing Programme
Enhancement of Assessment
Online Polling
Student Transitions Conference
Programme Leaders' network
HEA Fellowship briefings







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