COVID Asymptomatic Testing

Testing for students changing address at the end of semester

We are offering rapid lateral flow testing to students changing address at the end of the semester. This will help them protect their families and the wider community from COVID.

We are running testing sessions on Friday 21 May and Tuesday 25 May between 12 noon and 2pm, and encouraging those participating to take two tests, one on each date, in line with testing guidance.   

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Students living the in central Edinburgh will still be able to be tested at a University of Edinburgh site, if that suits them better.

Please note that if you are an international student returning home, with your airline requiring a PCR test, you will need to obtain such a test privately.

Regular testing for student and staff on campus

In the near future, we expect to be able to offer regular COVID testing for students and staff without COVID symptoms who need to be on campus.   

Testing for students changing household to return to University

QMU students changing household to return to University in semester two (while complying with coronavirus restrictions) can book a lateral flow test on their return to term-time accommodation at the University of Edinburgh’s Pleasance Sports and Exercise Complex (46 Pleasance, Edinburgh EH8 9TJ) from 10 am to 1.50pm weekdays. No booking is required - simply turn up between those times. In addition, please note that students returning to the University are being asked to obtain a PCR test (free of charge) before they change address. For more information, see the section of the  Student Information Scotland website concerned with semester two return, in the sub-section headed ‘Student accommodation/Testing’.

Other ways of being tested regularly

Everyone in Scotland can access rapid coronavirus testing.  Lateral flow home test kits will be available to anyone who does not have COVID-19 symptoms. They can be picked up from local walk/drive-through test sites for people to test themselves twice-weekly. For more information, see the Scottish Government’s Community Testing website.

More information on asymptomatic testing at QMU

Taking a test is voluntary, but we encourage you strongly to do so. By participating in testing, you will help avoid the spread of COVID. The testing process is quick and easy – usually taking under 10 minutes – and results are sent to you by text within thirty minutes.

Please note the following important details:


  • The testing process is quick and easy using the ‘lateral flow’ method, which is designed to detect the level of virus in individuals who do not experience or show any symptoms (i.e. they are asymptomatic), but who may still be infectious and pass the virus to others.
  • The test is ‘self administered’ which means that you conduct the test, but with support from testing assistants on site. More details of the testing process.
  • Results are available to you in twenty to thirty minutes.
    • If you have a positive test result, you will be asked to self-isolate in line with government guidelines and to take a PCR test (see FAQS for information about PCR tests). If your confirmatory PCR test does NOT confirm that you are positive, you and your household can stop isolating. We will, of course, support self-isolating students living on campus, as well as providing advice and support for those students living off campus via our usual Student Services and our COVID inbox
    • If you have a negative test result, you will be asked to take a second, confirmatory test three days later.
  • After a negative test, you are still susceptible to becoming infected and spreading the virus. Minimising your social contact and continuing to follow the Scottish Government’s FACTS guidance is the most powerful way of stopping the spread of the virus. 



Thank you for helping to restrict the transmission of COVID-19.