Leaving Accommodation

Last updated: 27 October 2022

If you are moving out of your accommodation, here is some information to help with your departure:

What do I need to do before I move out?

It is important that you do all of the following before moving out:

  • Clean your bedroom and ensuite thoroughly.
  • Clean your kitchen thoroughly.
  • Removing all your personal belongings and rubbish, please do not leave items for your neighbours or flatmates without consulting with them first.  
  • For anything in good condition that you don’t want to take, consider donating to charity or dropping into the British Heart Foundation bins in the carpark.  
  • Removing your posters or stickers – please do so carefully, as any damage to wallpaper or paintwork will be charged for.
  • Clearing your rubbish from all cupboards and other storage areas

Will I be charged if I do not leave my room clean and free of rubbish?

Yes, it is very important that you have packed everything and taken it with you as any items left in your room will be disposed of.

If you do leave items in your room, we will charge to clear your room. Please be aware that charges will also apply to cover any costs associated with returning the flat to the condition it was in when you arrived.  This could include cleaning fees and repairing any damage.

What should I do if I move out temporarily?

It’s important that you let us know if you won’t be occupying your room for extended periods of time. There is no need to clear your room of your belongings until the end of your lease but you will still have to continue paying rent for this period.

Do you offer storage options on campus?

Regrettably, it is not possible to store your belongings on campus. There are a number of local companies that provide packing, storage and shipping services. Please contact accommodation@qmu.ac.uk if you require further information.

What happens to any mail or parcels I receive after I move out?

Unfortunately we are unable to redirect any mail or parcels. Any mail or parcels that are not collected will be returned to sender. We suggest that you contact the supplier of any mail or parcels you are waiting for and ask them to redirect it.

When moving out, where should I return my keys?

When you vacate your room please lock your door and place your keys in a ‘Key Return Envelope’. Please collect an envelope from the Accommodation Reception before you move out. Remember to complete all details on the front of envelope.

All keys must be returned to the Accommodation Reception by 10am on the date your lease terminates. If the Accommodation Reception is closed, please hand in your key to Campus Security at the entrance the Main Academic Building. Please do not leave your key in your room.

What if I move out and forget to return my keys?

To avoid any charges for replacement locks and keys, please ensure that you return your keys by recorded delivery within 7 days of moving out. 

Please send keys to the following address:

Accommodation Services
Student Residences
Queen Margaret University
EH21 6UD

If I need to stay longer and extend my lease who should I contact?

We work on contract extensions on a case by case basis. Therefore, if you believe you require a contract extension, please contact accommodation@qmu.ac.uk with more information and we can discuss this with you personally.

How do I book accommodation for the next year?

Accommodation applications for courses beginning September 2023 are due to open in April 2023. Visit our applying for accommodation page for more information.

Can my belongings stay in my room until next term?

Unfortunately this is not possible as we need all rooms and kitchens to be cleared of belongings so that we can complete essential maintenance and deep cleaning in preparation for the next academic year.

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