Here you will find information for students on COVID-19 and on-campus accommodation.

Last updated: 17 June 2020

The Accommodation Services team can be contacted on should you have any questions or concerns relating to accommodation on campus.

The halls of residence remain open, and we are continuing to offer support through the ResLife team. If you are in need of advice or support, please get in touch with our Residence Life Coordinator, Alice Kerr, by emailing

If you are living in halls and require urgent help, then be reassured that the Security team are on duty 24/7 keeping you safe. You can contact them by calling 0131 474 0000 and asking for Security, or via one of the intercom points across campus.


Can I book accommodation on campus for 2020-21?

Yes. Applications are now open to new and continuing students for our accommodation on campus.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our beautiful campus this September. Your wellbeing is our top priority and we are following all public health measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience living on campus.

What can I expect living on campus in student accommodation?

There are many benefits of living in our student accommodation on campus. Our adherence to government guidelines means we will do everything we can to ensure your accommodation is a safe space to live and enjoy student life to the full. This includes a ResLife programme, events and activities, 24/7 security and wellbeing support.

From the moment you arrive ResLife and the Students' Union will have a range of (socially distanced) activities for you to take part in and meet new friends. We will also be adapting our student spaces, cafes, sports centre and library to meet social distancing guidelines so you can still enjoy the experiences of campus life.

Will QMU accommodation be safe to live in? What safety measures are in place?

Yes. We have taken extensive advice from Health Protection Scotland and following government guidance to ensure our accommodation is safe. We have invested in additional specialised cleaning of our accommodation buildings so they are ready for your arrival.

Rooms and facilities within accommodation will form small households of up to 6, allowing students to observe social distancing, but still enjoy an on-campus experience. Furthermore, risk assessments will be conducted within our accommodation to ensure current public health measures are implemented and guidelines provided to residents.

On campus we have a further extensive set of safety measures including one-way systems on campus, physical distancing measures, temperature checks and provision of handwashing and hand sanitizing stations.

What do I do if I think my flatmate is unwell with the virus?

If your flatmate is unwell, please see the advice at NHS Inform. If you live in the residences on campus, please contact Security by calling 0131 474 0000 then 2222.

If your flatmate is a QMU student, there is no specific requirement to report self-isolation via the Student Portal unless it affects their engagement with their programme. Students who have been ill should report their absence in the normal way via the Student Portal.

If they are diagnosed with coronavirus, it is important that they advise us by completing the normal absence form within the Student Portal and telling their Programme Leader.

Are QMU's halls of residences open?

The student residences remain open. ResLife support for students in residences will continue to be available (online); all students are welcome to talk to their Senior Residents, the RLAs, and the Residence Life Coordinator at any point.  The team will keep residents up to date via the ResLife Facebook page

What happens if I live in residences and need to extend my contract or move out of accommodation early?

Our halls of residence will remain open for those who wish to stay, and we will continue to offer support services to those residents through ResLife, our security team and also a pop-up shop.

We anticipate that we may be able to provide accommodation for any students who wish to stay beyond their current occupancy end date, and may be able to assist students whose private rental accommodation is coming to an end and would like to move into our halls of residence (for further information contact
The University announced on 24 March that all students living in halls of residence could end their accommodation contract early by giving 28 days’ written notice prior to 31 March.
If you are planning to leave your accommodation or have left already, please read our leaving accommodation page to find out what you need to do next.

What advice is there for students living away from home (in halls or private rental accommodation) on whether or not to return home?

Near the end of March, the Scottish Government’s Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science wrote to university principals stating that the Chief Medical Officer and Scottish Government’s advice is that students currently remaining in university accommodation should stay where they are and not attempt to travel home, even if that is to another part of Scotland.

This is in line with medical directives across all four UK nations. Whether students are living in halls, or private rented accommodation, the advice is that they should remain there and stay indoors while current restrictions are in force. The minister goes on to say he understands that this is a worrying time and many students will want to be with their families. Nevertheless, he emphasises that staying put in accommodation and adhering to the directives issued by the Chief Medical Officer and the Scottish and UK governments is the best way to slow the rate of transmission of COVID-19, protect our NHS from being overwhelmed and save lives.

As you would expect, the Senior Leadership Team at QMU supports the minister’s position. Our halls remain open and we will continue to offer support services to those residents through ResLife, our security team and also a pop up shop. Beyond that, these students have online access to our full range of student support services, including our Wellbeing service. We fully expect to be able to provide accommodation for students who need to stay beyond their current lease end date to enable them to adhere to government advice. We also anticipate that we will be able to assist students whose private rental accommodation is coming to an end and would like to move into our halls of residence (for further information contact

If I can’t arrive at the start of term due to government travel restrictions what does this mean for my accommodation contract?

If you can’t travel to Edinburgh in September, but are still a matriculated student and expect to come to campus at some stage in the future, we will either (subject to availability):

· hold your room for you until you can arrive; or

· release you from your contract and refund your prepayment. You will be able to apply again once government restrictions have eased and we will do our best to find a new room for you.

What will happen if there is another lockdown during the academic year?

If the University has to close due to another lockdown the accommodation will continue to remain open. However, in these circumstances you will be allowed to end your tenancy agreement by giving 28 days’ notice if you decide to move out of your accommodation.

How will you support me if I am joining as an international student this autumn and need to self-isolate (quarantine) when I arrive?

If you have accepted a contract to live in our campus accommodation and you are required to self-isolate for 14 days when you arrive in the UK, you can arrange to move into your accommodation early in order to complete the self-isolation period before induction week starts on 7 September. Accommodation for this 14 day stay will be provided free of charge and we’ll do all that we can to make your self-isolation period as comfortable as possible. Please email for full details on how to book your early arrival.

International students in this situation who are not going to live on campus should refer to Scottish Government guidance, and, as ever, you can call on our International Office and Wellbeing teams for more general support as required.

If my circumstances change and I will no longer be attending the University, can I cancel my accommodation contract?

If you have formally declined your course offer and will no longer be studying at Queen Margaret University then you can request to cancel your accommodation contract prior to the tenancy start date. We will refund any balance of the prepayment and/or accommodation fee which may have been paid in advance.

If you have a firm course offer (or are a continuing student) then our normal Tenancy Terms & Conditions apply and you will be liable to pay the total accommodation fees for the full duration of your accommodation contract unless you are able to find a suitable replacement student to take over your tenancy.

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