Here you will find information for students on COVID-19 and on-campus accommodation.

What do I do if I think my flatmate is unwell with the virus?

If your flatmate is unwell, please see the advice at NHS Inform. If you live in the residences on campus, please also call the Accommodation Reception (except between 8pm and 9am, when you should contact Security by calling 0131 474 0000 then 2222).

Please also see the the FAQs 'In what situations should I self-isolate' and 'Who do I tell in the University if I am self-isolating or diagnosed with coronavirus'.

Are QMU's halls of residences open?

The student residences remain open. ResLife support for students in residences will continue to be available (online); all students are welcome to talk to their Senior Residents, the RLAs, and the Residence Life Coordinator at any point.  The team will keep residents up to date via the ResLife Facebook page

What happens if I live on residences and need to extend my contract or move out of accommodation early?

As per a letter sent to residents on 24 March, we are offering all residents in the halls of residence the option to terminate their contracts with 28 days’ notice. 

If you want to leave your accommodation or have left already, please read our leaving accommodation page to find out what you need to do next.

Our halls of residence will remain open for those who wish to stay, and we will continue to offer support services to those residents through RES:LIFE, our security team and also a pop up shop.

We anticipate that we may be able to provide accommodation for any students who wish to stay beyond their current occupancy end date, and may be able to assist students whose private rental accommodation is coming to an end and would like to move into our halls of residence (for further information contact

FAQs about leaving accommodation

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