A friendly and supportive community

We are, of course, acutely conscious that student life is about much more than study. We also know that we must live up to our reputation for providing a friendly learning community, and are determined to do so.

While any requirements for physical distancing will change the way we operate our on-campus Students’ Union, sports facilities and social spaces, we are doing everything possible to maximise the facilities available to students.

Welcome activities

Building on our reputation for providing a friendly and supportive study environment, our plans for your induction factor in your need to build your social networks from the very start of your course - so you can make friends and form support networks, and make the most of university life.

The semester began with a  four-week ‘Welcome to QMU’ programme focused on fun and forming friendships. Our Students’ Union and RES:LIFE team is, as always, work closely together, and they have been running these ‘Welcome to QMU’ events in full partnership. Within their planning, they have been taking account of the needs of those students who won’t be on campus to benefit from opportunities for social interaction. To give us more space for physically distanced activities, we have installed a marquee on campus to supplement other social spaces.

Our Student Union

Green space all around you

What is more, as a student with us you have access to all of Edinburgh’s great range of outdoor green spaces, and to East Lothian’s beautiful coastline – as well as our beautiful campus grounds.


Support is at the heart of making your experience at QMU a positive one. We aim to help you make the most of your time at university, and to reinforce your learning, your wellbeing and your personal development.

The Student Services we offer range from supporting your wellbeing to helping you build up lifelong career planning skills.

QMU COVID Helpline

Our dedicated COVID email and telephone helplines are now open for students who want to speak directly to someone at QMU about any COVID-related questions or concerns. 

Our lines are open:

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday 11am - 1pm

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QMU COVID Helpline

0131 376 1748

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