Information for applicants and offer-holders

We know that coronavirus has brought great uncertainty, and that as applicants and offer-holders to our degree programmes starting in the autumn you will be very keen to know when you can embark on your life at Queen Margaret University and what that experience will be like.

We anticipate that induction and academic programmes will be able to start as scheduled this autumn and without any requirement for a ‘staggered return’.  The exact date of your first class (and your first face to face class) will depend on your programme.

Our plan is that students will be able to access in-person on-campus activity for all of their small group work (seminars, workshops, studio work, clinics etc).  We expect that there will be some restrictions on maximum group sizes, and therefore very large group lectures (probably those with over 50 participants) will be offered online only.

We anticipate that while there may be a requirement for physical distancing in some teaching, laboratory, and practical teaching spaces, there will full access to library and study space facilities. 

All student support services will be available on campus, with some also available online.

A number of risk mitigations will remain in place (e.g. use of hand sanitizer, enhanced ventilation, PPE for some close contact clinical activity).  These mitigations will be based on government and other health protection advice. 

All of the above is, of course, subject to Scottish Government guidelines. We will maintain the capacity to switch to a more blended mode of delivery (combination of on campus and online learning activity) if Scottish Government guidelines require it. 

As you would expect, our plans are firmly focused on ensuring both the quality of your student experience and your health and wellbeing.

We pride ourselves on the supportive community environment that we offer students at QMU, in which everyone is treated as an individual. We are confident that this strength will serve you well when you join us this autumn.

You don’t have to wait until you join us to experience more of the QMU community. We encourage offer holders to join our Offer Holders Facebook Group (see link in the information we sent you on your offer), follow us on Facebook and Instagram and Experience QMU online.





Our dedicated COVID email is now open for students who want to speak directly to someone at QMU about any COVID-related questions or concerns. 

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