We are inviting pre-conference events bringing colleagues together with a specific focus in different formats such as training, seminar, workshop, or performances. These may be led by individuals, formed or new networks, or special interest groups.

These events – whether face-to-face and/or online – can take place between Saturday 4th June and Tuesday 7th June 2022 and should meet the following criteria:

• hosted in the UK (events happening on Tuesday 7th June, can only take place in Scotland)
• be maximum 1 day long
• take place in one site
• have no parallel sessions
• only invited speakers (no open call)
• conducted in English

These events will be scheduled and managed independently by the applicant(s) outside the conference programme but will benefit from advertising and being part of the larger EMTC 2022 event.

Pre-conference events have a two-phase submission process.

Initial expressions of interest to be submitted by 14th May 2021.  Review outcomes will be communicated within six weeks.

Successful applicants will be required to submit the confirmed details of their pre-conference event by 30th September 2021. The submissions will be reviewed by the conference committee.

Only a limited number of pre-conference events will be accepted. We will take into account the number of submissions, quality, locations, and fit with the overall conference theme.