Choosing a university is a big decision. As well as scoping out what kind of courses are on offer, an open day is a chance for you to check out the institution’s campus, its facilities and culture. You’ll be spending the next few years here – it’s important you make the right decision.

Attending an undergraduate open day at Queen Margaret University (QMU) will give you a flavour of what student life could be like. To help you make the most of your time on campus, we’ve put together a handy check-list to make sure you’ve as well-informed as you can be in making a decision.

1. Register your place
You are welcome to come along without registering, but by registering in advance you’ll speed up your entry into the campus and will be able to get started much more quickly. Find out more about our upcoming undergraduate open days and register your place.

2. Sounds like a plan!
Get to grips with what talks, presentations and tours you want to take in advance, and make a note of them. This way you won’t miss out on anything you’re really keen to attend. Definitely make sure you attend the Welcome Talk which will give you a great overview of life at QMU, and it’s repeated several times so you should manage to find a time during the day to attend. View our full Talk Timetable. 

3. “I have a question…”
This is your opportunity to ask all those burning questions you’ve got about course content and campus life. Speak with student ambassadors and academics – they’re all on hand to put your mind at ease and help you make as informed a decision as possible!

4. Take someone with you

As they old adage goes, two heads are better than one! Bring a parent, guardian or friend to the open day – they know you better than most and will be able to give you a second opinion. They’re likely to also think of things you haven’t considered so it can be handy to have another person on hand to ask questions.

5. Scribble some notes

We’re not suggesting that you trying to get down every single spoken word uttered at the open day… aside from being nigh impossible, it’s not necessary. But do take down a few notes: what do you like, what were the answers to you questions, are there any additional opportunities you’d be interested in taking advantage of, etc. It’s so much easier to have an accurate picture of your visit afterwards if you’ve got some comments to refer to.

6. Explore our surroundings

If you’re new to Edinburgh, allow yourself plenty of time to explore and take in the sights either before or after the open day. Have wander up the historic Royal Mile, dip in and out of the winding closes, or grab a coffee and chill out in the stunning Princes Street Gardens to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. On campus, take a stroll around our stunning grounds which include a trim track, outdoor gym, and all sorts of wildlife including our resident swans and their cygnets! The beautiful town of Musselburgh and the seaside suburb of Portobello are also both on our doorstep – they’re well worth a few hours’ exploration while you’re here!

Our next undergraduate open days take place on Saturday 21 September 2019 and Saturday 12 October 2019. Find out more about our open days.

QMU Communications Team