Each External Examiner's report submitted to Queen Margaret University is provided promptly to the Programme Leader and copied to the following:

  1. the Principal
  2. the Dean of School
  3. the School Manager
  4. the University Secretary
  5. the Head of Division

The Division of Governance and Quality Enhancement is responsible for distributing External Examiner reports to all parties, including Programme Leaders at collaborative partner institutions. The Programme Leader is responsible for arranging for the Examiner's report to be distributed to and discussed with the Programme Committee/Team. The Programme Leader will agree a formal response to the report, in consultation with the Dean of School. Reports should normally be responded to within eight weeks of receipt. Through this process, any issues raised in the report are noted by senior staff as well as staff with responsibility for teaching - as are any commendations! Programme Teams are required to indicate how they will address issues and/or build on identified strengths, and progress is noted formally through the Annual Programme Monitoring process.

Once a year, the University conducts a review of all External Examiner reports to identify and disseminate common themes, and this is reported to the Student Experience Committee. It is also published on our website as part of our commitment to public information on quality.

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