Online induction for External Examiners

This short course is designed for External Examiners who are new to the role and/or newly appointed to QMU. It can be also used as a refresher course for more experienced Externals. It is designed so that participants can construct their own route through the material. Comments and suggestions would be appreciated - please email

The aims of this site are:

  • to provide a general introduction to the role and responsibilities of the External Examiner; and
  • to provide specific information about the operation of the External Examiner system at Queen Margaret University.

There is no set route through this material. It has been written with the understanding that users have a wide range of prior knowledge and experience. Please follow the links which are of most interest to you:

Your role and responsibilities provides a set of frequently asked questions and some discussion of the report form.

Our role looks at how QMU acts on feedback from External Examiners, specifically how QMU uses report forms and how programme teams respond.

About QMU provides information about the institution.

You may also wish to consult:

Specific information for External Examiners can be found in the Queen Margaret University External Examiners' Handbook

Regulations governing the External Examining System at QMU can be found in the Queen Margaret University Quality Assurance Handbook (External Examining section)

External Examiner related forms can be found in the Forms Library

Contact the Quality Team