Lecture Capture Summary

The Lecture Capture policy aims to facilitate the practical and responsible recording of lectures and to provide guidance on the rights and responsibilities of the University, its staff and its students, external visiting speakers and any other participants in recorded teaching.

Opt‐In Policy (Section 3)

Q: Is lecture capture mandatory?

Under normal circumstances, it is up to each individual to decide if they wish their lectures to be recorded. There is no detriment to those who opt out.

If extraordinary circumstances make campus teaching impossible (e.g. a pandemic) the University may decide to make lecture recording temporarily mandatory.

Ownership and Use of Recordings (Sections 2.1.2; 2.14; 4.1‐4.10)

Q: Who owns the recordings and what can be done with them?

Control over access and use of recorded teaching materials rests with the individual speaker. The speaker owns the performance rights. The University will not access or use recordings in any way, unless prior agreement exists with the speaker, or if there is a legal requirement to do so (e.g. for law enforcement).

Recorded lectures will not be used as a substitute for the availability of academic staff (e.g. due to industrial action).

Recordings will normally be available to students for two academic years and archived for the lifetime of the module. If a staff member leaves the University, their recordings will normally remain available to students for the remainder of the academic year, and can be made available on request beyond this period for students with re‐sits.

Lecturers’ responsibilities

Q: What do lecturers who opt‐in need to do?

Lecturers should familiarise themselves with the technology, guidance on learning technology is available on the QMU website. QMU will provide training if required.

Lecturers who opt‐in should ensure that students are aware that a session is being recorded. It is the lecturer’s responsibility to clearly communicate decisions regarding the recording of lectures to students.

Lecturers have discretion to pause or edit a recording as appropriate.

Normally staff should aim to upload recordings within seven days of the event taking place.

Students’ responsibilities (Section 5)

Q: What do students who use recorded material need to do?

Students agree not to misuse, share externally, or edit recordings provided to them as an educational study aid. Breaches of this will be subject to disciplinary action as detailed in the Student Discipline Policy.

Students must delete any downloads once the relevant module has been completed, or if they leave QMU.

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