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QMU and Ace International Business School have been in partnership since 2016. The partnership centres on the delivery of modern, professional-relevant business management programmes that will prepare graduates for management careers in a wide variety of sectors. 

The following programmes are covered by the partnership:

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Ace International Business School, Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Nepal



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About Ace International Business School

Ace International Business School (Ace-IBS), a collaborative effort of Ace Education Ventures to offer an international standard management education in the country, started in the year 2015. Located at Sinamangal with well-developed infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities, the learning environment of Ace-IBS facilitates students to enhance their learning experience.

“Ace experience” is characterized by the following simple learning beliefs and values that get gradually ingrained in our students as they go through their academic programs at any Ace institutions:

  • An Acer takes responsibility for his/her learning, actions, behavior, and relationships.
  • An Acer has respect for self and for others.
  • An Acer keeps his mind open for learning.
  • An Acer has the humility to accept ignorance and courage to admit mistakes.
  • An Acer adheres to honesty in work and behavior, irrespective of the consequences.
  • An Acer appreciates good grades but values holistic development more.

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