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James M Scobbie


School of Heath Sciences

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Professor Jim Scobbie studied at the University of Edinburgh, with an undergraduate degree in Linguistics with Artificial Intelligence, and a PhD in Cognitive Science. His doctoral thesis was in theoretical linguistics. Following an EPSRC/NATO post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford University, he returned to Edinburgh in 1993 to work as a research fellow with Professors Hardcastle and Gibbon (at what was then Queen Margaret College) on an MRC-funded project looking at word-initial consonant clusters in children with developmental speech disorders. Subsequently, he was PI on an ESRC-funded research project, and held an ESRC personal fellowship. He has been on the permanent staff at QMU since 2004, and has been involved in a number of externally-funded research projects since then. These have helped shape developments in theory and methodology in his field. He collaborates with colleagues in the UK, Europe and North America, as well as within Speech and Hearing Sciences. He is an honorary fellow of Informatics at Edinburgh University. At QMU he is supervising or has supervised a dozen PhD students in Speech and Hearing Sciences, and is the lead of the Research Theme in Speech and Communication.

Professor Scobbie's research involves the measurement of speech sounds, speech articulation, and abstract linguistic concepts. The underlying goal is to understand the fine-grained knowledge about speech sounds and articulatory movements that speakers need to have in order to master a language, and how such detailed knowledge relates to more abstract categories (like consonants and vowels).

He works on phonology and phonetics; ultrasound tongue imaging and other articulatory measurement techniques; child language development and disorder; variation in speech (e.g. accent and dialect); Scottish English.

Professor Scobbie is Director of the Clinical Audiology, Speech and Language (CASL) Research Centre.

The18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences will take place at the SECC Glasgow, Scotland from 10-14 August 2015 (registration will take place on Sunday 9 August).

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