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Thursday 19th May 2016

Release of Marks – Transcripts and Individual Assessment Results

Students are advised that they must check the QM:u Student Portal for full details of results and reassessment requirements.

Student Academic Transcripts and all Individual Assessment Results will be made available for viewing on the QMU Portal from Monday 13th June 2016. The transcript will provide the overall mark for the module and include the Board of Examiners decision on progress/award. Reassessment details will also be available on the Student Portal on the same day.

Reassessment Examinations will be held during the w/c 25th July 2016 and the examination timetable will be published by Monday 4th July 2016.

The transcripts and individual assessment results facility will close on Friday 22nd July 2016 to allow for processing of reassessment results.

Reassessment results will be available on the portal when the transcript facility reopens on Wednesday 24th August 2016 until Monday 10th October 2016. The individual assessment results are not available for reassessments and this facility will remain closed until the next academic year.

Thursday 19th May 2016

Online Option Module Selection

We are delighted to advise that if you are required to pick an option(s) as part of your programme of study in 2016/7 , we are aiming to open this facility within the QMU Portal from 18th July 2016.

This is reliant on some external factors, so we will be in touch over the coming months to keep you updated.

Although all students on programmes with options are offered the opportunity to pick these in July, final progression decisions are not finalised until Boards of Examiners sit towards the end of August. If you are not permitted to progress to the next level of study you will be removed from the option(s) you have chosen, and any other relevant modules. Being allowed to pick the next level option(s) does not mean you are eligible to progress. Only the Board of Examiners can make this decision.

If you are unable to get a place on the option which is your first choice, we are pleased to advise that we will be setting up a waiting list. Details on how to register will be provided in future communications from the School Office.

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