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Improving the speech communication abilities of children with Down's syndrome: A new model of service delivery using Electropalatography (EPG)

Children with Down's syndrome present with specific difficulties in speech production making them less intelligible to family and friends. Previous research funded by the Medical Research Council and Baily Tomas Charity at QMU trialled the use of Electropalatography (EPG) as a therapy technique for these specific difficulties with a group of young people with Down's syndrome. This research found that speech intelligibility can be improved using EPG as a therapy tool. This current project is expanding on this finding. However, instead of providing EPG therapy at QMU as previously, we are developing and evaluating a consultative model of intervention, prodiving specialised training to educational support staff who will provide speech input within the child's normal school environment.

The project began in April 2012.

Recent News

We are still recruiting participants for the project but the next stage in our EPG research has started and is going well. Check Research Output for information on publications and presentations and People to contact staff regarding project details.

Thursday 21st March is World Down Syndrome Day. Down's Syndrome Scotland have more information about events relating to this day, and also Down's syndrome Awareness week which runs from 18th March.

BBC Scotland interviewed Sara and Zoe with one of our participants on Tuesday 5th February 2013 for Reporting Scotland. Other media items relating to the project can be found here.

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