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QMU Centre For Dialogue - finding our voice

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We believe that the term "dialogue" is often overused, misunderstood, and is rapidly becoming a "‘management fashion".

We’re sceptical of terms like "stakeholder engagement" which we think can mean focussing resources on the most powerful or confident people to make sure they know what we think. In addition, we worry that consultation can be a tick box exercise.

At QMU we don’t use the term dialogue lightly – we know that it means teaching people to recognise and suspend assumptions and judgements and working hard to create a ‘safe space’ in which  they can properly  talk and listen to each other.

In line with QMU’s vision, ( we ensure that our dialogic approach to communication helps facilitate change and improves the ways in which we live, co-operate, and make decisions as individuals and members of communities or organisations.

To see what we mean, click on the "dialogue practice" link or the "research & teaching" link on the left.

Alternatively contact Emma Wood or Magda Pieczka by email for more information.

To find out more about our approach to dialogue, click on the play button below:



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