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Press release

University receives largest donation for research and education into osteoporosis

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh has received a significant donation to progress research and education into osteoporosis. The gift of over half a million pounds, from anonymous benefactors, is thought to be the largest single contribution ever to be received by the University.

This donation will investigate adverse events related to moving and handling in patients with osteoporosis, as well as developing educational materials for healthcare professionals. The work, led by a team of Queen Margaret University’s nursing specialists, will be known as the ‘Lydia Osteoporosis Project’.

Thought to affect around three million people in the UK, osteoporosis is a disease of bones that leads to increased risk of fracture. It is not always physically obvious that someone has the condition and individuals themselves can also be unaware that they have the disease. These issues present significant challenges for patient care in hospitals.

Professor Alan Gilloran, Queen Margaret University’s Vice Principal (Academic) explained: “In people with osteoporosis, even minor slips and falls can result in broken bones. While in hospital, patients with osteoporosis may be at risk of accidental injury related to moving and handling by healthcare staff. One of the aims of the research team is to investigate the scope of this problem and to potentially develop a ‘patient at risk identifier’ to highlight those at greatest risk of fragility fractures.”

He continued: “It is the intention of the new Lydia Osteoporosis Project to identify whether moving and handling is indeed a factor in the incidence of fractures in high risk individuals and to develop education materials focussed on moving and handling of patients with osteoporosis. The overall aim of this work is to positively impact on patient safety and welfare.

“This project is an excellent example of the relevance of Queen Margaret University’s research work in the area of healthcare and clearly reflects the University’s philosophy of improving quality of life. We are extremely grateful to the benefactors for their support of this critical work.”


For further information please contact Lynne Russell, Press and PR Officer, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, tel: 0131 474 0000, mob: 07711 011239.






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