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Press release

QMU launches recruitment drive for super tasters in Edinburgh & the Lothians

Food lovers in Edinburgh and the Lothians are being invited to put their taste buds to the ultimate test by trying out new food and drink products before they hit the supermarket shelves.

The Scottish Centre for Food Development and Innovation at QMU is looking for eager foodies to join its Food & Drink Consumer Tasting Panels during the year ahead.

The Centre works with a broad range of food and drink businesses to help them to develop new and innovative products, reformulate existing products and carry out consumer focus groups and taste panels.

Taste panel members get the unique opportunity to try out a range of new food and drink products for the first time, including meat, fish, confectionery, juices, dairy products, vegetables and desserts. Panel members may also be asked to sample existing food products already sold in supermarkets to gain important information about consumer preferences.

Taste panels usually last around 30 to 40 minutes and participants provide views on a number of food and drink products, including aroma, appearance, texture and flavour.

People taking part in the tasting panels are rewarded after each session attended with either a £10 Amazon or John Lewis voucher.

Phil Cook, Food Technologist at the Scottish Centre for Food Development and Innovation at QMU, said: “We’re keen to hear from anyone in Edinburgh and the Lothians who loves food a drink. Our Consumer Tasting Panels are a great way for people to help develop the latest food and drink products and assist food companies with their business development. Panelists are also pleased to receive a voucher for their participation.”

“QMU’s Scottish Centre for Food Development and Innovation is continuing to enhance Scotland’s position as a leader in food and drink innovation in Europe and supporting access to the global market for healthy and functional food.

“Through practical innovation support and creative business solutions, QMU is helping Scotland’s leading food and drink businesses with new and innovative product development and analysis; as well as the development of leading edge functional, health enhancing products and ingredients and formulation of existing products.”

For more information on the QMU Food & Drink Consumer Tasting Panel and to sign up, email:



For further media information contact Lynne Russell, Marketing Manager, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, E:  T: 0131 474 0000, M: 07711 011239 and Jon Perkins, Press and PR Officer, E: T: 0131 474 0000.



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