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Using Other Libraries


The Learning Resource Centre ( LRC ) at Queen Margaret University will have most of the materials you need for your studies while you are here. However, when you start studying for your final-year dissertation, or if you are a post-graduate student or are involved in research you may well need access to materials that are not held within the LRC.

Always check the Library Catalogue or the E-Journals page to see if the item is available from the LRC.

In some situations, you may wish to consult material available in your local area and the following links describe locating material and gaining access to other libraries. If you are unsure about access to any library, please contact the Library Enquiry Service for more information or ask in the LRC.

Finding locations

Libraries in Edinburgh

Other Libraries in Scotland

Access Schemes


Further Assistance

It should always be borne in mind that other libraries’ resources, like our own, are under great pressure from their own staff and students so every Library reserves the right to refuse external users or withdraw any reciprocal agreements.

If the materials you need are not available in your local area or it is not practical for you to use another library, you may be able to obtain it via our Inter Library Loan (ILL) Service.

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