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Canscious (Rwanda)
MSc in Population and Reproductive Health

"My experience here really opened my way of thinking, broadened my mind. I’ve learnt how things are interrelated – how social factors can contribute to health outcomes. You get an insight into the debates in international development here. Now with all this knowledge I’ve been provided with, I hope to return and apply these skills. My work will become more involved in community development and less focused on the biomedical factors only."


Silke (Germany)
MSc in International Health

"My future plan is to go to Zambia to coordinate activities related to HIV/ AIDS. I hope to convince donors to not only concentrate on one prevention strategy but to take into account other contextual issues like gender, poverty, political constraints. The course here gave me a broader overview and a deeper understanding of issues related to social cohesion, risk environments, dominance of agency rhetoric and political and financial constraints."


Selamawit (Ethiopia)
MSc in International Health

"I hope to return to Ethiopia and work within the health care delivery system. With the tools I learnt here, I hope my input will ensure that the system can be developed towards becoming more sensitive according to the precise needs of the population… according to the precise existing problem so that services are matched up to what is really happening."

Naana (Ghana)
MSc in International Health

"I’m just so excited when I go back – I told colleagues of mine back home that I’m a social development person now, no longer only focused on the curative side of things but looking beyond the patient who sits in front of you. It’s a very warm environment in terms of the people. It’s so nice for me to sit and chat with the are allowed and encouraged to express your opinion and the interaction in class is amazing."

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