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Institute for Global Health and Development - Staff Profiles

Suzanne Fustukian, Senior Lecturer, IGHD

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Areas of interest

  • health and social policy in fragile and conflict-affected states with a particular focus on ‘post’-conflict’ environments;
  • health system development and health governance in fragile states, particularly non-state and state interactions;
  • livelihoods and health in poverty reduction
  • global social justice with a particular interest in social exclusion of vulnerable/excluded groups


Suzanne Fustukian is a social scientist specialising in governance and health systems development, with a particular focus in fragile and conflict-affected states. She has over 35 years experience in health and development issues, and has worked with state and academic institutions and NGOs in a variety of countries. Before joining IGHD, she held academic positions at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the University of Bristol. Prior to this, she was co-Director of the Appropriate Health Resources and Technologies Action Group (AHRTAG) from 1988-1996. She was Programme Leader of IGHD’s teaching programme between 2001-2014.



Funded Research

ReBUILD - Research for building pro-poor health systems during the recovery from conflict.

The ReBUILD Consortium is an international research partnership working for improved access of the poor to effective health care and reduced health costs burdens, through the production and uptake of a coherent body of high quality, policy-relevant new research on health systems financing and human resources for health in post-conflict countries. ReBUILD is led in the UK by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, working with partner research organisations in Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zimbabwe. ReBUILD is funded by the UK Department for International Development.

Health Systems Global - Thematic Working Group on Fragile and Conflict Affected States

Suzanne works on the steering commitee of the Thematic Working Group on Fragile and Conflict Affected States which promotes health systems research in fragile and conflict-affected states (FCAS).

The group have published a series of papers in Conflict and Health - 'Filling the void: Health systems in fragile and conflict affected states'

Join the Thematic Working Group on LinkedIn at : Health Systems in Fragile and Conflict Affected States


Suzanne leads and teaches a range of modules on the IGHD masters programme, including Theories of Social Justice and Social Justice in Practice. She coordinates the following modules:

Global Health and Social Policy
Social Development Policy and Practice
Strengthening Health and Health Systems in Fragile and Conflict-affected States


She has extensive experience in research degree supervision and is currently supervising:

Karolin Herzog - Promoting and Constraining Factors in Donor Coordination in the Tanzanian Health Sector

Sarath Kasthala - The role of civil society organisations in providing primary health care in conflict-affected countries

Justine Namakula - Health care markets in post-conflict settings: Experiences of formal private for - profit health care organisations in Gulu district, Northern Uganda

Recent publications

Guest Editor, Special issue of Conflict and Health Filling the void: Health systems in fragile and conflict affected states:

McPake, B., Witter,S., Ensor, T., Fustukian,S., Newlands, D., Martineau, T., Chirwa, Y. 2013. “ Removing financial barriers to access reproductive, maternal and newborn health services: the challenges and policy implications for human resources for health,” Human Resources for Health, 11:46

Carlson, C., de Lamalle, JP., Fustukian, S., Newell-Jones, K., Sibbons, M., Sondorp, E. 2004. Improving the delivery of health and education services in difficult environments: lessons from case studies. DFID Health Systems Resource Centre, UK.

Fustukian, S. 2004. Improving the delivery of health and education services in difficult environments: ‘Case study 2: Review of health service delivery in Angola’. DFID Health Systems Resource Centre, UK.

Fustukian, S., Keith, R., Penrose, A. 2003. 80 Million Lives; Meeting the Millennium Development Goals in Child and Maternal Survival. London, Grow Up Free from Poverty Coalition.

Lee, K., K. Buse, and S. Fustukian (editors). (2002). Health Policy in a Globalising World; Crossing Boundaries. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Fustukian, S. and A. Zwi. 2001. “Balancing imbalances: facilitating community perspectives in times of adversity,” in Holly Ann Williams (editor) Special issue on Caring for those in crisis: integrating anthropology and public health in complex humanitarian emergencies. NAPA (National Association of Practising Anthropologists) Bulletin 21,17-35.

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