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What Impact Are We Having?

Through participation (in our teaching methods, our research methodologies and the qualities of our partnerships), we aim to maximise empowerment, resulting in remarkable, sustainable impact.

Painter, Zomba, Malawi (photo F Caaldo)
Painter in Zomba, Malawi (photo F Cataldo)

Our health systems work is concerned with the common roots of health system performance, and in particular health system responsiveness to the poor and vulnerable in the full range of economic development contexts.

It emphasises capacity building throughout, recognising the need for effective local voices to contest the prescriptions of international agencies that give inadequate attention to local context.

For example, in recent work, Barbara McPake and Sophie Witter have taken a critical approach to 'pay for performance' approaches that are often widely and uncritically adopted by donor agencies.

Key outputs from our work have been published in peer-reviewed journals, in web-based accessible form, and have been directly taken up by governmental and non-governmental bodies to support their practice - combining academic merit with practical relevance.

For example, the ‘Indicators of Integration’ programme was originally developed for the UK Home Office. Our research drew on the perspectives of settled local people as well as refugees themselves, service providers and policy makers to identify the core aspects of an integrated community and create a comprehensive framework. The Indicators of Integration Framework is widely used to guide policy and practice in supporting the integration of refugees across the world, and Alison Strang advises on a number of policy and research forum in Scotland.

In collaboration with humanitarian agencies we are developing locally relevant measures of psychosocial well being to enhance accountability and programme effectiveness. Alison Strang is the co-founder of the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Network, “.. a growing global platform for connecting people, networks and organisations, for sharing resources and for building knowledge related to mental health and psychosocial support both in emergency settings and in situations of adversity. We aspire to building and shaping good practice in support of people affected by difficult events or circumstances". MHPSS Website Read more...


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