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Our work is distinctive in melding academic with professional and practice perspectives, specifically in:

  • placing social and structural determinants of health at its core
  • examining the dynamic role of actors in health systems around the world
  • bridging international and UK-based work on the links between poverty, vulnerability, and health
  • elucidating the specific challenges faced by health systems in conflict or fragile states
  • bridging psychosocial and physical health domains
  • emphasising capacity building through training, research, and partnerships
Teaching Programmes at IGHD - Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh - Graduation Day
IIHD Graduation Day
IIHD Graduation Day
IIHD Graduation Day

Our overall aim is to build capacity and empower those we work with to pursue social change for health.

Our objectives are:

  1. to deliver high quality teaching and learning programmes that equip and inspire participants to pursue social development approaches
  2. to participate in excellent research partnerships that inform progress in social development
  3. to actively engage in small-scale as well as international development partnerships that equip and empower participants to enable social and policy change


The Institute's teaching programme is at the heart of its business. We invest heavily in supporting wide access to, and effective involvement in our teaching programmes, bringing together professionals and practitioners from diverse professions and backgrounds, and those of high intellectual calibre from western and non-western contexts.



Research at IGHD is appplied and focused on working towards effective policy and practice solutions for the challenges facing health and social systems in contexts of poverty and vulnerability. Our first priority in research is the principle of international development - - 'do no harm' - - by seeking to ensure that participants benefit and are not damaged through working with us.


Collaborations & Partnerships

Through our collaborations and partnerships with a cross-section of stakeholders, we combine the best of international and academic expertise with local perspectives, maximising participation and empowerment.




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