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MSc Social Development and Health


What is this MSc about?

Putting people and communities at the centre of development is central to the concept of social development.

The MSc in Social Development and Health draws on a number of disciplines to offer a critical approach to developing an understanding of the role and impact of chronic poverty, inequality, sustainable livelihoods, gender differences and poor governance on the health and well being of communities.

This understanding is developed in the context of social diversity and globalisation with a focus on fragile states.

Analytical concepts of resilience and vulnerability are applied to the understandings of how to enable livelihoods to be sustainable in difficult settings. Participants engage in a critical analysis of the theory and practice of social development alongside gaining the skills required to be a reflective social development practitioner. This course acknowledges the global right of individuals and communities to essential health care that is practical, scientifically sound and socially acceptable. The theoretical foundation of the course is that health and social development are inextricably linked, that the development of health is a social process and that interventions within the health sector alone will not necessarily result in the improvement of the health of a population. Health improvements require international, national, regional and local policy approaches across a range of sectors, as well as environmental changes, community and individual approaches.

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