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Our short courses are designed as professional development courses and assume no prior knowledge of human resource management. Sessions are highly interactive and participants will be expected to actively engage with small group work, prepare presentations, discuss case studies and engage in online and and library-based research.

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

IIHD can also tailor short courses in country to suit specific organisational or national requirements in HRH on request.


Tsisugani Clinic, Malawi (photo F Cataldo)

Tsisugani Clinic, Malawi (Photo F Cataldo)

Emerging Challenges in the Global Health Workforce (28 October - 15 November 2013)

Epidemiological and demographic transitions, as well as global health reforms and changing labour markets are affecting the global health workforce in complex ways. This module discusses the emerging challenges faced by global health systems in managing human resources, including staff movement and migration, underemployment, mal-distribution and shortages. The HRH Action Framework provides a structure for examining the policy and practice context of strategic interventions in the areas of financing, partnerships, education & training, and leadership. Working with available data, participants will use new analytical and decision support methods to identify key workforce challenges in a range of health systems, and critically discuss evidence-based strategies and solutions to address the issues raised.

Global Health Workforce Planning
(27 January - 7 February 2014)

This two week module prepares participants to advance their skills in preparing workforce plans either at a national, regional or organizational level. Participants will become familiar and competent with the various planning tools and models available to workforce planners, and be able to prepare high quality workforce plans that are relevant and accurate for modernizing or reforming health systems around the world. The module has a practical focus and participants will undertake planning exercises using manual and computer-based planning tools such as WISN, BirthRate+, the WHO model and others.

Managing and Developing the Health Workforce
(24 March - 3 April 2014)

This two week module is a highly practical one, looking at core personnel management functions such as recruitment, selection, job design and work environments, staff appraisal, staff development and training. Participants will explore relevant theory relating to performance management, motivation and job satisfaction and exploring evidence from many countries regarding good HR practice, will learn how to effectively recruit, retain and develop employees in healthcare organisations around the world. The concept and nature of organisational change in different health care environments will be discussed.

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