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Intensive Short Course(s) for Professionals - 2015

Our three week short course is designed as a professional development course and will assume no prior knowledge of human resource management. Sessions are highly interactive and participants will be expected to actively engage with small group work, prepare presentations, discuss case studies and engage in online and and library-based research.

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

IIHD can also tailor short courses in country to suit specific organisational or national requirements in HRH on request.


Tsisugani Clinic, Malawi (photo F Cataldo)

Tsisugani Clinic, Malawi (Photo F Cataldo)

Health Workforce Development for Strengthening Health Systems 

“All people, everywhere, shall have access to a skilled, motivated, and supported health worker within a robust health system.” (2nd Global Health Forum 2011)

Human resource inadequacy has been recognised in the past decade as the key constraint to the capacity of countries to scale up critical health interventions. Much attention has been focused on the quantitative inadequacies – the absolute shortages of numbers of clinical health professionals and support workers, but it is increasingly recognised that problems are worsened by the absence of effective human resource management and cannot be resolved without tackling this gap.

Our short course comprises three exciting modules that develop professional skills for planning, mobilising, and motivating the health workforce to meet contemporary challenges faced by health systems globally. Each module runs intensively for one week (30 teaching hours). Modules can be taken independently or jointly.

Week I: Emerging Challenges in the Global Health Workforce (April 13th – 17th)

The module allows you to identify epidemiological, economic, health systems and policy factors that shape country-specific health workforce challenges in a range of health systems, including those recovering from humanitarian crises and conflict. We use the HRH Action Framework to critically discuss evidence-based strategies and solutions to address the issues raised.

Week 2: Global Health Workforce Planning (April 20th - 24th)

This module develops skills for systematic development of strategic HRH and workforce plans for the health sector at different levels (national, regional, facility). Importance is placed on developing plans that are realistic and achievable for the context, responsive to current and emerging needs for health care, and sustainable within given development priorities.

Week 3: Managing and Developing the Health Workforce (April 27th – May 1st)

This module examines the role of human resource management (HRM) in health workforce development to achieve organisational goals including recruitment, job satisfaction and retention, performance, and productivity. You will gain skills to develop and implement practices to improve service standards and performance, and learn a range of career management techniques to retain and mobilise staff.

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