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Human Resources for Global Health

“All people, everywhere, shall have access to a skilled, motivated and supported health worker within a robust health system.” (2nd Global HRH Forum 2011)

Health Surveillance Assistants, Malawi

Health Surveillance Assistants, Malawi (photo F Cataldo)

Human resource inadequacy has been recognised in the past decade as the key constraint to the capacity of countries to scale up critical health interventions. Much attention has been focused on the quantitative inadequacies – the absolute shortages of numbers of clinical health professionals and support workers, but it is increasingly recognised that problems are worsened by the absence of effective human resource management and cannot be resolved without tackling this gap.


MSc Human Resources for Global Health

This course is for health professionals, experienced graduates and those interested in working in global health to gain an understanding of how to mobilise scarce human resources to strengthen health systems internationally.

The course aims to equip you with the necessary skills to achieve optimally sustainable deployment of personnel and ensure that users of health services are served by the most highly skilled and efficient workforce possible.

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Intensive Short Course(s) for Professionals - 2015

Health Workforce Development for Strengthening Health Systems

Our short course comprises three exciting modules that develop professional skills for planning, mobilising, and motivating the health workforce to meet contemporary challenges faced by health systems globally.

Each module runs intensively for one week (30 teaching hours). Modules can be taken independently or jointly.


HRH Students at IIHD

(from left to right) Toshio Takemura, HR officer from Japan, Pasang Tamang, public health researcher from Nepal and Zione Dembo, nurse-midwife from Malawi. Read their stories and more from our HRH students

PG Certificate in Human Resources for Health Management (2015)

(Delivered in Islamabad, Pakistan)

We are pleased to announce that this joint collaboration between Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh and the Health Services Academy, Pakistan to build HRH capacity and leadership with a particular focus on Asia is continuing into its fourth year.

Applications are now invited for this course which will take place January – March 2015.


PG Cert Class at HSA, Pakistan

Interested applicants or sponsors should note that attendance on the course in Islamabad is required for only six weeks in total, with participants completing their home and work-based assignments on completion of the residential component. Read more.....

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