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Freedom Of Information

Compliance with the Freedom of Information (Scotland) 2002 Act (FoISA) at Queen Margaret University is coordinated by the Eilidh Richardson, Legal Adviser (Student Contract and Statutory Compliance). On these pages, you will find out what FoISA is and what it means for the University.

FoISA intends to encourage public organisations to become more open and accountable. QMU strives to be as open as possible in its attitudes, operations, policies and processes, and is pleased to share information about its activities.

There are three main strands to the Act:

1. Publication Scheme

FoISA requires public authorities, including QMU, to maintain a publication scheme that sets out the types of information we routinely make available. The scheme also provides details of how you can access this information, and whether it is available free or if there is a charge.

2. Individual Requests

FoISA permits the public to request any information held by Scottish public authorities, including QMU. The request does not need to mention FoISA.

3. Records Management

Public authorities are required to implement records management policies to ensure effective management of what information they have, where it is kept and how long they keep it. Effective records management is central to FoISA requests.

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