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The National Student Survey (NSS)
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What is it?

The NSS is an annual survey of final year undergraduates across the UK which covers a range of topics on the student learning experience.

Who can take part?

If you are a final year student in the academic year 2016/17, Ipsos MORI will send you an email in February 2017 inviting you to take part.

When does it run?

Every year during semester two.

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How is it run?

The survey is run independently by Ipsos MORI and responses are confidential. The University is provided with the anonymised data. Students can complete the survey online through a dedicated website:

Why take part?

Survey results help us identify areas where we are doing well, as well as areas for development, so that we can keep improving the student learning experience for future generations of students. See our Making a Difference section for some examples of how we have been acting on your feedback.

Where can I find the results of the survey?

The NSS results are available on the Unistats website to help prospective students make informed decisions of where and what to study. Some of the NSS results are also included in the KIS (Key Information Set) widget to be found at the bottom of each undergraduate programme home page on the QMU website.

QMU students can also see the results from NSS 2016 on the QMU Student Surveys Hub.

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