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In August 2016, QMU Pebblepad was upgraded to the latest version. Newly created assets will look different. Existing assets will also look different (see screenshots below).

We are aware of a number of issues arising in the new version; a list of these is available here.

An ePortfolio can help you:

  • Bring documents together to evidence your learning at QMU.
  • Reflect on your learning
  • Focus on personal development planning – what do you need to do next to help you progress in your chosen career?

QMU’s EPortfolio is called Pebblepad.

Pebblepad consists of a number of tools. The tools are used to create different types of online resources, called Assets in Pebblepad. The tool we use most widely at QMU at the moment is the Portfolio. If you are asked to use Pebblepad for an Assignment, your tutor should make it clear which of these tools you should use to create your Assets.

A Portfolio is a website consisting of webpages:

Sometimes your tutor might provide a Template as a starting point for creating your Assets.

Some Assets can link to each other, for example a Portfolio page can have a link to a Blog Post.

Only you can access your Pebblepad Assets. When you submit an Asset to an Assignment, your tutor can also see it. It is also possible to share your Asset with other people who use Pebblepad.

You can continue to use Pebblepad free of charge when you finish at QMU, and you can share Assets with people even if they don’t use Pebblepad.

Help with Pebblepad is available at


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