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Clinical Audiology, Speech and Language (CASL) Research Centre

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Professor Emeritus William J. Hardcastle PhD FBA FRSE

Contact details
Clinical Audiology, Speech and Language
Research Centre
Queen Margaret University

Current Post
Professor Emeritus of Speech Sciences

Brisbane Grammar School, Australia
University of Queensland (BA English Language and Literature, MA Phonetics)
University of Edinburgh (PhD experimental phonetics, post-graduate Diploma of Phonetics)

Lecturer, University of Kiel, Germany
Lecturer, then Reader, then Professor, University of Reading
Head of Speech and Language Sciences, then Dean of Health Sciences, then Dean of Research, then Director of Speech Science Research Centre, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
Convener, Scottish Universities Research Policy Consortium
Fellow of the British Academy
Hon. Fellow, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists
Fellow Royal Society of Edinburgh
Fellow Norwegian Academy of Arts and Sciences
Member, RAE 2001 Linguistics Panel (Sub-Panel Phonetics)
Member, RAE 2008 Linguistics Panel
Hon. Doctor of Science, Napier University
Hon. Doctor of Letters, Queen Margaret University

Main Research
Theoretical and descriptive phonetics:
Serial ordering and motor control of speech production: articulatory dynamics – coarticulation - sensory feedback control of speech - tongue slips
Physiological, aerodynamic and perceptual explanations for phonological universals
Articulatory / acoustic correlations in speech production
Cross-language studies of fricatives

Clinical phonetics:
Instrumental phonetic methods in diagnosis, assessment and rehabilitation of children and adults with phonetic and phonological disorders (particularly in cleft palate, dysarthria, aphasia, hearing impairment and Down's Syndrome)
Aerodynamic and phonological correlates of disorders of fluency (particularly stuttering and cluttering)
Linguistic and motor speech profiling of stuttering behaviour
Development of Electropalatography ( EPG ) for recording and measuring tongue activity during speech
Abnormal sibilant production

Research funding
Principal sources of research funding have included: MRC, ESRC, EPSRC, Scottish Office Department of Health, Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland, MacRobert Trust, European Union, British Council

Selected Publications
Authored Books
Hardcastle, W.J. (1976) Physiology of Speech Production. London: Academic Press.

Dalton, P. & Hardcastle, W.J. (1989)
Disorders of Fluency and their Effects on Communication (2nd Edition). London: Cole and Whurr.

Edited Books
Hardcastle, W.J. & Marchal, A. (Eds.) (1990)
Speech Production and Speech Modelling. Dordrecht: Kluwer.

Hardcastle, W.J. & Laver, J. (Eds.) (1997)
Handbook of Phonetic Sciences. Oxford: Blackwells.

Hardcastle, W.J. & Hewlett, N. (Eds.) (1999)
Coarticulation: Theory, Data and Techniques. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Hardcastle, W.J. & Beck, J. (Eds.) (2005)
Figure of Speech: A Festschrift for John Laver. New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum

Hardcastle, W.J., Laver, J. & Gibbon, F. (Eds.) (2010)
Handbook of Phonetic Sciences (2nd edn). Oxford: Blackwells.

Chapters in Books
Hardcastle, W.J., Morgan Barry, R.S., & Nunn, M. (1989)
Instrumental articulatory phonetics in assessment and remediation: case studies with the electropalatograph. In Stengelhofen, J. (Ed.) Cleft Palate: The Nature and Remediation of Communication Problems. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 136-164.

Hardcastle, W.J. & Edwards, S. (1992)
EPG based description of apraxic speech errors. In Kent, R. (Ed.) Intelligibility in Speech Disorders. Amsterdam: Benjamins, 287-328.

Hardcastle, W.J. & Gibbon, F. (1997)
Electropalatography and its clinical applications. In Code, C. & Ball, M.J. (Eds.) Instrumental Clinical Phonetics. London: Whurr, 149-195.

Scobbie, J.M., Gibbon, F., Hardcastle, W. & Fletcher, P. (2000)
Covert contrast as a stage in the acquisition of phonetics and phonology in M. Broe & J. Pierrehumbert (Eds) Laboratory Phonology V: Language Acquisition and the Lexicon, CUP, 194-207.

Wood, S., & Hardcastle, W. (2000)
Instrumentation in the assessment and therapy of motor speech disorders: a survey of techniques and case studies with EPG in Papathanasiou, I. (Ed.) Acquired Neurogenic Communication Disorders: a Clinical Perspective. London: Whurr, 203-248.

Hardcastle, B. & Tjaden, K. (2008)
Coarticulation and Speech Impairment in Ball, M.J., Perkins, M.R., Miller, N. and Howard, S. (eds). Handbook of Clinical Linguistics. Oxford: Blackwell.

Research articles
Hardcastle, W.J. (1972)
The use of electropalatography in phonetic research. Phonetica, 25, 197-215.

Hardcastle, W.J. (1975)
Some aspects of speech production under controlled conditions of oral anaesthesia and auditory masking. Journal of Phonetics, 3, 197-214.

Hardcastle, W.J. (1985)
Some phonetic and syntactic constraints on lingual coarticulation during /kl/ sequences. Speech Communication, 4, 247-263.

Hardcastle, W.J., Morgan Barry, R.A. & Clark, C.J. (1985)
Articulatory and voicing characteristics of adult dysarthric and verbal dyspraxic speakers: an instrumental study. British Journal of Disorders of Communication, 20, 249-270.

Hardcastle, W.J., Morgan Barry, R.A. & Clark, C.J. (1987)
An instrumental study of lingual activity in articulation-disordered children. Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, 30, 171-184.

Hardcastle, W.J. & Barry, W. (1989)
Articulatory and perceptual factors in /l/ vocalisations in English. Journal of International Phonetics Association, 15, 3-17.

Hardcastle, W.J., Jones, W.J., Knight, C., Trudgeon, A. & Calder, C. (1989) New developments in Electropalatography: State-of-the-art report. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 3, 1-38.

Hoole, P., Ziegler, W., Hartmann, E. & Hardcastle, W.J. (1989)
Parallel electropalatographic and acoustic measures of fricatives. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 3, 59-69.

Hardcastle, W.J., Gibbon, F.E., & Jones, W. (1991)
Visual display of tongue-palate contact: Electropalatography in the assessment and remediation of speech disorders. British Journal of Disorders of Communication, 26, 41-74.

Hardcastle, W.J., Gibbon, F. & Nicolaidis, K. (1991)
EPG data reduction methods and their implications for studies of lingual coarticulation. Journal of Phonetics, 19, 251-266.

Gibbon, F., Hardcastle, W.J. & Nicolaidis, K. (1993)
Temporal and spatial aspects of lingual coarticulation in /kl/ sequences: A cross-linguistic investigation. Language and Speech, 36, 261-277.

Hoole, P., Nguyen-Trong, N. & Hardcastle, W.J. (1993)
A comparative investigation of coarticulation in fricatives: electropalatographic, electromagnetic and acoustic data. Language and Speech, 36, 235-260.

Marchal, A. & Hardcastle, W.J. (1993)
ACCOR: Instrumentation and database for the cross-language study of coarticulation. Language and Speech, 36, 137-153.

Hardcastle, W.J., Gibbon, F. & Scobbie, J.M. (1995)
Phonetic and phonological aspects of English affricate production in children with speech disorders. Phonetica, 52, 242-250.

Dent, H., Gibbon, F. & Hardcastle, W. (1995)
The application of electropalatography (EPG) to the remediation of speech disorders in school-aged children and young adults. European Journal of Disorders of Communication, 30, 264-277.

Gibbon, F., Crampin, L., Hardcastle, W.J., Nairn, M.J., Razzell, R., Harvey, L. & Reynolds, B. (1998)
CleftNet Scotland: a network for the treatment of cleft palate speech using EPG. International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders, 33, supplement, 44-49.

Gibbon, Fiona, Stewart, Fiona, Hardcastle, William J. and Crampin, Lisa (1999)Widening access to electropalatography for children with persistent sound system disorders. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 8, 319-334.

Gibbon, F., Hardcastle, W.J., Crampin, L., Reynolds, B., Razzell, R. and Wilson, J. (2001) Visual feedback therapy using electropalatography (EPG) for articulation disorders associated with cleft palate. Asia Pacific Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing, 6, 53-58

Ellis, L. & Hardcastle, W. J. (2002)
Categorical and gradient properties of assimilation in alveolar to velar sequences: evidence from EPG and EMA data. Journal of Phonetics, 30 (3), 373-396

Pouplier, M. & Hardcastle W. (2005)
A re-evaluation of the nature of speech errors in normal and disordered speakers. Phonetica, 62, 227-243.

Cleland, J., Timmins, C., Wood, S.E., Hardcastle, W.J. & Wishart, J. (2009). Electropalatographic therapy for children and young people with Down's syndrome. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 23, 926-939.

Cleland, J., Wood, S.E., Hardcastle, W.J., Wishart, J. & Timmins, C. (2010). Relationship between speech, oromotor, language and cognitive abilities in children with Down's syndrome. International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders, 45, 83-95.

Zharkova, N., Hewlett, N. & Hardcastle, W.J. (2011). Coarticulation as an indicator of speech motor control development in children: an ultrasound study. Motor Control, 15, 118-140.

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