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Clinical Audiology, Speech and Language (CASL) Research Centre

Here are some active projects and contact people.*

Research Groups

Clinical Speech and Hearing Technologies - Language Acquisition - Laboratory Phonology - Articulatory Kinematics and coarticulation - Speech Pathology - Speech Errors and Disfluency - Audiology - Voice, Prosody and Intonation- Language Pathology

Research Methodologies - links to mini-sites

Electropalatography (EPG) - Electromagenetic Articulography (EMA) at the Edinburgh Speech Production Facility- Ultrasound Tongue Imaging (UTI)

Clinical Topics - links to mini-sites

Prosody in Autism and Asperger's Syndrome - Assessment and Treatment of Speech in Down's Syndrome - EPG therapy in Schools with Children with Down's syndrome- Cleft Palate Ultrasound Therapy (UltraPhonix project, 2015 onwards, and ULTRAX Project which is now completed) - Intensive Communication Group for People with Aphasia (ICGA)

Non-clinical Topics - links to mini-sites

Coarticulation in children

Industrial Collaborator - external link

Articulate Instruments Ltd

Project and links

Clinical Technologies  
FitVoice and Telespeech Dr Janet Beck or Dr Felix Schaeffler
Ultrasound Tongue Imaging and the ULTRAX project Dr Joanne Cleland
Cochlear Implant Dr Jo White
AADs Dr Siobhan Mack
EPG for speech therapy Dr Sara Wood
Language Acquisition


Dialect acquisition Prof James M Scobbie or Dr Eleanor Lawson
Bilingualism Dr Sonja Schaeffler, Dr Felix Schaeffler or Dr Joan Ma
Coarticulation Dr Natalia Zharkova
Laboratory Phonology


Phonology-phonetics interface

Prof James M Scobbie

Sociophonetics Dr Eleanor Lawson
Studies of individual languages as appropriate
Scottish English Dr Eleanor Lawson or Prof James M Scobbie
Articulatory Phonetics


Speech Errors and Dysfluency

Dr Robin Lickley

EPG-based research

Dr Sara Wood or Dr Joanne Cleland

Multichannel corpora

Dr Alan Wrench, Prof James M Scobbie

Ultrasound Tongue Imaging

Prof James M Scobbie or Dr Natalia Zharkova

Coarticulation Dr Natalia Zharkova
Speech preparation and Reaction Time Dr Sonja Schaeffler
Discourse and connected speech processes Prof James M Scobbie
Speech Technology


Multichannel phonetic analysis

Dr Alan Wrench

Ultrasound, EMA and EPG Development

Dr Alan Wrench or Prof James M Scobbie


Language Pathology


Genetics of specific language impairment (SLI) in children - SLI Consortium Dr Jocelynne Watson or Dr Ann Clark
SLI and young people in the criminal justice system Dr Ann Clark
Dyslexia Dr Ann Clark or Louise Cotton
Audiology and hearing impairment  
Audiological rehabilitation Dr Jo White
British Sign Language Dr Ben Matthews
Speech Pathology


CLEFTNET - cleft palate research Dr Sara Wood
Vowel Disorder Clinical Assessment Dr Jocelynne Watson
Parkinson's Disease and Apraxia Dr Joan Ma
Speech Sound / Phonological Disorders


Down's Syndrome

Dr Joanne Cleland or
Dr Sara Wood

Voice, Prosody and Intonation  
Pitch Range and instrumental measurement of voice Dr Felix Schaeffler
Vocal Profile Analysis Dr Janet Beck
Intonation Dr Joan Ma

* Research is dynamic, and this page doesn't reflect recent research fully, nor our future plans, nor the extent to which projects overlap. It also misses out some older work that we are very proud of, e.g. on Prosody in Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

EMA helmet
ultrasound of tongue
EPG artificial palate

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