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CASL Working Papers

Please cite using the formats at the bottom of the page.

WP-24 Wrench, Alan A. & Scobbie, James M. (2016) Queen Margaret University ultrasound, audio and video multichannel recording facility (2008-2016). [link]

WP-23 Wood, Sara E. & Julie (2016) Clinical skills training for speech and language therapists: Using the evidence-base to treat speech sound disorders using electropalatography (EPG). [to appear]

WP-22 Wood, Sara E., Timmins, Claire & Grayson, Zoe (2016) Communication Abilities of Children with Down’s Syndrome: A New Model of Service Delivery using Electropalatography. [to appear]

WP-21 Scobbie, James M., Ma, Joan & White, Joanna (2012) Expanding the vowel space: a pilot study of Lombard speech with ultrasound tongue imaging and video lip imaging. [to appear] [a poster version]

WP-20 Scobbie, James M., Lawson, Eleanor, Cowen, Steve, Cleland, Joanne and Wrench, Alan A. (2011) A common co-ordinate system for mid-sagittal articulatory measurement. [link]

SSRC (Speech Science Research Centre) Working Papers below here - please use SSRC WP title. CASL to be used for those above.

WP-19 Gordeeva, Olga and Scobbie, James M. (2011). Laryngeal Variation in the Scottish English Voice Contrast: Glottalisation, Ejectivisation and Aspiration. [pdf] []

WP-18 Scobbie, James M., Sebregts, Koen, and Stuart-Smith, Jane (2009). Dutch Rhotic Allophony, Coda Weakening, and the Phonetics-Phonology Interface. [pdf] []

WP-17 Scobbie, James M and Marianne Pouplier (2009) Syllable Structure and External Sandhi: An EPG Study of Vocalisation and Retraction in Word-final English /l/. [pdf]

WP-16 Wood, Sara, Jennifer Wishart, William Hardcastle, Joanne McCann & Claire Timmins (2008) Using Electropalatography (EPG) in the assessment and treatment of developmental motor speech disorders: Linking basic and applied research [pdf]

WP-15 McCann, Joanne, Sara E. Wood, William J. Hardcastle, Jennifer G. Wishart & Claire Timmins (2008) The relationship between speech, oromotor, language and cognitive abilities in children with Down’s syndrome. [pdf]

WP-14 <missing>

WP-13 Zharkova, Natalia (2007) Quantification of coarticulatory effects in several Scottish English phonemes using ultrasound. [pdf]

WP-12 Gordeeva, Olga B. and James M. Scobbie (2007) Non-normative preaspirated voiceless fricatives in Scottish English: Phonetic and phonological characteristics [pdf]

WP-11 Mennen, Ineke and Areti Okalidou (2006) Acquisition of Greek phonology: an overview [pdf]

WP-10 Mennen, Ineke, Clara Levelt and Ellen Gerrits (2006) Acquisition of Dutch phonology: an overview [pdf]

WP-9: Mennen, Ineke (2006) Phonetic and phonological influences in non-native intonation: an overview for language teachers. [pdf]

WP-8: Scobbie, James M. and Jane Stuart-Smith (2006) Quasi-phonemic contrast and the fuzzy inventory: examples from Scottish English [pdf]

WP-7: Scobbie, James M., Olga B. Gordeeva and Benjamin Matthews (2006) Acquisition of Scottish English Phonology: an overview [pdf]

WP-6: McCann, Joanne, Susan Peppé, Fiona E. Gibbon, Anne O’Hare and Marion Rutherford (2006) The Prosody-Language Relationship in Children with High-Functioning Autism [pdf]

WP-5: Peppé, Susan, Joanne McCann, Fiona E. Gibbon, Anne O’Hare and Marion Rutherford (2006) Receptive and Expressive Prosodic Ability in Children with High-Functioning Autism [pdf]

WP-4: Peppé, Susan, Joanne McCann, Fiona E. Gibbon, Anne O’Hare and Marion Rutherford (2006) Assessing prosodic and pragmatic ability in children with high-functioning autism. [pdf]

WP-3: McCann, Joanne, Susan Peppé. Fiona E. Gibbon, Anne O'Hare and Marion Rutherford (2005) Prosody and its relationship to language in school-aged children with high-functioning autism. [pdf]

WP-2: Scobbie, James M. (2005) Interspeaker variation among Shetland Islanders as the long term outcome of dialectally varied input: speech production evidence for fine-grained linguistic plasticity. [pdf]

WP-1: Scobbie, James M. (2005) The phonetics phonology overlap. [pdf]

For completeness, please note the lonely single volume (1996) of: QMC Working Papers in Speech and Language Sciences

  • Nguyen, NoŽl (1996) A Matlab package for the analysis of EMA/EPG data. In James M. Scobbie (ed.) QMC Working Papers in Speech and Language Sciences 1:5-12 [pdf]
  • Nguyen, NoŽl, Fiona Gibbon and William J. Hardcastle (1996) Articulatory and perceptual aspects of fricative-stop coarticulation: a pilot study. In James M. Scobbie (ed.) QMC Working Papers in Speech and Language Sciences 1:13-25 [pdf]
  • Johnston, Fiona and Jois Stansfield (1996) Expressive pragmatic skills in pre-school children with and without Down's syndrome: parental perceptions. In James M. Scobbie (ed.) QMC Working Papers in Speech and Language Sciences 1:27-42
  • Scobbie, James M. Fiona Gibbon, William J. Hardcastle, Paul Fletcher (1996) Covert contrast as a stage in the acquisition of phonetics and phonology. In James M. Scobbie (ed.) QMC Working Papers in Speech and Language Sciences 1:43-62 [pdf]

WP-20 onwards, please cite as CASL Working Papers, Queen Margaret University, WP-20 (etc., with the correct code number.)

WP1-WP19 please cite as QMU Speech Science Research Centre Working Papers, WP-1. (But with the appropriate code!)

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