Speech in Down's Syndrome Research Team

Emails: Sara Wood : Claire Timmins : Joanne Cleland

Dr Sara E. Wood PhD CertMRCSLT

Sara is a senior lecturer in Speech and Hearing Sciences and researcher in the CASL Research Centre at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. She is a qualified Speech and Language Therapist with extensive experience of EPG therapy. Her main research interests are clinical applications of electropalatography. Sara's publications.

Claire Timmins MA (Hons) Mphil
Claire is a part-time Research Fellow and PhD student in CASL at QMU. She is also a lecturer in Phonetics at Strathclyde University and an Honorary Research Fellow at Glasgow University and has research interests in accent variation change (particularly in the Glaswegian Accent), electropalatography and phonetics teaching

Dr Rebecca Rodger BSc(Hons) PhD Cert MRCSLT

After completing her PhD, Rebecca has now moved on from QMU to continue her research with EPG as a post-doctoral reserach fellow.

Dr Joanne Cleland PhD BSc(Hons) CertMRCSLT.
Joanne is a Research Fellow in the CASL reserach fellow at QMU. She is a qualified speech and language therapist with experience of using EPG to treat children with a variety of speech sound disorders, and has researched prosody in Autistic spectrum disorders. Joanne's research interests include segmental and suprasegmental disorders in developmental disabilities, and is now working on the ULTRAX project researching the Ultrasound Tongue Imaging, an alternative visual biofeedback device to EPG. Joanne's publications as Cleland (newer) or McCann (older).

Emeritus Professor William J Hardcastle
Bill has a long and distinguished history of promoting clinical research with Electropalatography, and was Principal Investigator of the MRC project and Director of the Speech Science Research Centre, the precursor to CASL. Bill's publications.

Professor Jennifer G. Wishart

Jennifer is a professor of developmental disabilities in childhood at the University of Edinburgh. Her main research interests are: cognitive and social development in children with Down's syndrome (and other genetically-determined learning disorders); motivation and learning; attitudes towards inclusive education for children with learning disabilities; behavioural phenotypes.

Email: Jennifer Wishart

Thanks to our funding bodies, the Medical Research Council and the Baily Thomas Charitable Fund.

Thanks to all the children, parents and teachers who have helped with the research project.
Thanks to Alan Wrench of Articulate Instruments for his help with EPG equipment and software.




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