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Hub@QMU - Information for students


Hub@QMU is QMU's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Hub@QMU is based on the Blackboard Learn 9.1 platform and contains online areas for each of your modules. In these module areas you will find:

  • Course materials and activities
  • Links to Learning Services
  • An assignment drop-box for submitting your assignment
  • A link to Turnitin, where you can submit your assignment to check your referencing and paraphrasing

Video introduction to the hub

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Accessing Hub@QMU

You will find quick links to Hub@QMU on the following web pages:

  • QMU website homepage
  • QMU Intranet homepage
  • Student Portal page

Hub@QMU can also be accessed directly from:

screen shot image of the Hub log-in page

You can log-in to the Hub with your normal QMU details – your QMU matriculation number and password. If you have a problem with your password you can reset it using the following link:

Browser and operating system compatibility

Hub@QMU is compatible with most modern browsers. For a full list of compatible browsers please visit the Blackboard Browser Support web page.

Please note that Hub@QMU is not compatible with Internet Explorer 6 or 7, which currently remains the default browser within the NHS. If you are working within the NHS please check with your NHS IT department whether you are able to have access to a different browser.

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Module areas

Please note that:

QMU-based Semester 2 teaching modules will not be visible in the Hub until 5th January 2015

All QMU-based taught modules will have an associated online area within the Hub, accessible through the My Hub page, which you will see once you have logged in. You will also find areas for:

  • Learning Services
  • Careers
  • Student Services
  • Your School Office

You may also have access to a programme area, placement area, or other area in the Hub. Depending on your programme some of these non-teaching module areas may be visible and available from 3rd September.

For students in collaborative partner institutions of QMU, your modules will be available from the start date of your programme.

If you believe that there are Semester 1 module areas missing from your My Hub, please contact the school office:

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Layout of Module areas

All Hub modules were originally set up using a standard template with specific links in the module menu for each area. Although the template may have been customised by your tutor, a module menu typically includes links to:

  • Module Content
  • Assignments
  • Student Notifications
  • Learning Resource Area
  • Plagiarism, Turnitin and Referencing
  • Hub student help

All your module content and activities will be found from a menu item called either Module Content, or something similar, created by your tutor. You may also find other menu items linking to specific module material or activities.

You should also find a link to the Module Timetable which will allow you to view your module timetable for the current week or for the complete Semester.

The homepage of each module may be changed by the tutor but in many cases you will find that the homepage is entitled Student Notifications.

screen shot image of the student notifications page

The student notification page pulls in feeds from the course and allows you to see:

  • What's New – anything new that has been added to the module, e.g. files, discussions, quizzes, blog, web links, scanned articles, and links to e-resources;
  • My Announcements – displays and links to module announcements;
  • My Tasks – displays and links to specific tasks set by your tutor;
  • To Do - displays upcoming due dates for tests, surveys and assignments.

You can manually dismiss items from any of the notifications panels, either individually, or as a group. To dismiss an individual item, click the drop down menu next to the notification and select Dismiss All. To dismiss all the notifications in a particular panel select the Action drop-down menu in the top-right of the panel and select Dismiss All.

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In Hub@QMU all modules will have an assignment drop-box set up which can be accessed through the menu link to Assignments. The assignment drop-boxes are set up and administered by the school office, and not by the tutor for that module. In addition to a link to the Assignment drop-box, you will see a link to the QMU Assessment Regulations.

User guides
The following resources are here to help students with locating and submitting to the assignment dropbox. These resources present key information in a variety of formats to help you access the information in the way that best suits you:

  • Student guide to submitting to the assignment dropbox (308KB)
    This is a three page PDF document which provides useful images and detailed instructions
  • Finding and submitting to your assignment dropbox (497KB)
    This is a two-page PDF document with screen shots and brief instructions, which provides a quick, and easy to follow, step-by-step guide to locating your assignment dropbox. It also shows how to submit your assignment to the dropbox
  • Submitting to your assignment dropbox (420KB)
    This PowerPoint slide show presents the key steps of locating and submitting to the assignment dropbox, allowing you to see one step per slide. When you select the link above, you will be presented with the option to open, or save

Please note: To ensure any submitted file can be opened by tutors and the School Office staff, students are requested to minimise the length of the filenames of files being submitted to assignment dropboxes. We recommend filenames take the following format:

  • [Matriculation Number][Module Code][component]
  • For example: 01234567B1026Essay

Any queries regarding assignment drop-boxes should be directed to:

In many cases you will receive feedback on your assignments through your module in the Hub.

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Every Hub module should have a menu item called "Plagiarism, Turnitin and Referencing" and in this section you will find a link to turnitin and also a link to the QMU student guide to avoiding plagiarism wiki. This wiki provides information and resources in relation to QMU's approach to plagiarism prevention. The wiki has been developed by the Centre for Academic Practice and is aimed at students and tutors.

The turnitin link can be used to check your referencing before submitting your assignment to the drop-box for marking. Further information about how to use turnitin, including a detailed guide, is available on the Effective Learning Service web pages at:

Step-by-step user guides
The following resources are here to help students with locating and submitting to the turnitin link. These resources present key information in two different formats to help you access the information in the way that suits you best:

  • Finding and submitting to your assignment to turnitin (Pdf 591KB)
    This is a three-page PDF document with screen shots and brief instructions.
    It provides a quick, easy to follow, step-by-step guide to locating the turnitin link in your module area. It also shows how to submit your assignment to turnitin.
  • Submitting your assignment to turnitin (ppt 568KB)
    This PowerPoint slide show presents the key steps of locating and submitting to turnitin, allowing you to see one step per slide. When you select the link above, you will be presented with the option to open, or save.

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Group Areas

If you sign-up or are allocated to a group for your module, it is likely that you will have a group space, available through My Groups, below the main module menu.

In the group space you will be able to see the other members of your group and may have access to some group tools. The tools can include group discussions, group email and a tool to allow members of the group to share work-related files.

The group homepage displays all the members of the group, together with any tools that have been assigned to that group.

Some tutors may also make a quick link to groups available from the main menu area - this is more convenient if you are accessing from a mobile device.

screen shot of My Groups area

Global navigation and notification settings

For full details, please see our guide to Global Navigation and Notification Settings.

For every Hub module you will receive email notifications to your QMU email account when:

  • An assignment has been made available
  • An announcement has been posted or edited

You can customise your notifications settings for individual modules, or all modules, by going to the Global Navigation menu at the top-right of your Hub screen,

screen shot image of where to find global navigation menu at top of Hub screen

then selecting Settings from the foot of this menu

screen shot image of where to find settings menu from foot of global navigation menu

and then Edit Notification Settings.

screen shot image of where to find 'Edit Notification Settings'

Bulk Edit Notifications Settings allows you to edit notifications for all or multiple module areas. The column for Dashboard is set to show notifications to you through the Student Notifications area in each module – these settings do not need to be adjusted as these will provide useful information for you. To change the Mobile or Email notification settings, select/unselect the box in the Email column to remove or add notifications as required.

screen shot image of what the 'edit notifications settings' looks like

All changes can be verified by looking at that specific module under the heading Edit Individual Course Settings.

You may also wish to have any notifications sent to you in a digest form once a day at around 3pm. To do this, choose the Edit General Setting option and select Daily Email Digest in section 1, General Settings: Courses.

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Reading and sending messages to discussions

Your tutors may use discussions in the Hub for you to communicate with each other and work in groups. For further information about using discussions please visit the Blackboard student guide to using a Discussion Board.

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Mobile access

Mobile apps are now available to download for Android, iPad and iPhone devices and will assist you in accessing the Hub from your mobile device. The apps are an add-on to the core web-based Hub functionality and in this respect are not essential – students do not need an app to take part in or complete their programme of studies.

For further information about mobile access please see our Mobile Apps for Hub@QMU web page.

Help and Support

For all queries regarding your Hub module areas (other than those mentioned above regarding passwords, modules and assignment drop-boxes) please contact

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