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MSc Gastronomy

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As instances of global and local food injustice are reported with more frequency, the dysfunction of our food system and complexity of food culture is being more widely recognised. Increasingly, it is understood that reductionist approaches to solving food related issues are ineffective. A more comprehensive understanding and holistic approach is greatly needed.

The MSc in Gastronomy at Queen Margaret University provides an opportunity to study food in a more complete sense.  This innovative new programme – the first of its kind in Scotland – acknowledges the truly complex nature of food and includes studies in nutrition, production and consumer culture, but also moves deeper to consider food culture within the contexts of anthropology, environment, sustainability, politics and communications.

Through experience of diverse food related businesses; from soup kitchens to Michelin Star restaurants, community allotments to large-scale agri-business, students will gain all important exposure to the diverse dynamics effecting how we consume, produce, represent and understand food. Scotland will often be the showcase for this, but the concepts are transferable to other countries, for one thing that people require irrespective of nationhood is the ability to feed themselves.

The programme comprises four core modules and a final project:

Module 1: Food & Drink: The Relationship to People and Place

Module 2: The Science of Food

Module 3: The System: From Field to Market

Module 4: Food Communications

Whether you are looking to enhance your career in the food industry or are simply interested in cultivating a fuller understanding of food, please contact us. We are more than happy to discuss the programme in depth and help you discover if Gastronomy is what you’re looking for.

More information is available in the course leaflet

Contact Charlotte Maberly or Ana Tominc or call us on 0131 474 0000

Alternatively, contact admissions directly for your application form:
0131 474 0000 or e-mail

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