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Business Enterprise and Management - Dr Cathy Matheson

Dr Cathy Matheson

Senior Lecturer
Associate of the International Centre for the Study of Planned Events
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Phone: 0131 474 0000

BA (Hons), MA, PhD

AEME (Executive Committee Member); LSA Member

Personal Profile:
Research Interests: Main research interests are in the fields of event themed regeneration, festival production and consumption, cultural policy and popular music.  Current research is focused upon event legacies and regeneration, sports policy and volunteering within events

Recent Publications:

Refereed Journal Articles :

Matheson, C. M. 2008. Music, emotion and authenticity: a study of festival consumers. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change. Vol.6 (1) pp.57-74.

Foley, M. McPherson, G. and Matheson, C. M. 2006. Glocalisation and Singaporean festivals. International Journal of Event Management Research. Vol.2 (1) pp.1-16.

Matheson, C. M. 2005. Festivity and sociability: a study of a Celtic music festival. Tourism, Culture and Communication Vol.5 (3) pp.149-163.

Matheson, C. M. 2004. The heritage of festivities. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism.Vol.2 (2) pp.75-90.

Book Chapters:

Thompson, K. and Matheson, C. M. 2007. Culture, Authenticity and Sport: A Study of Event Motivations at the Ulaanbaatar Naadam Festival, Mongolia. In: Cochrane, J. ed. Asian Tourism: Growth and Change. Oxford: Elsevier. pp.233-243.

Foley, M. McPherson, G. and Matheson, C. M. 2007. Cultural Identity and Festivity: Generating Singapore through Citizenship and Enterprise in Events Activity. In: Aitchison, C & Pritchard, A eds. Festivals and Events: Culture and Identity in Leisure, Sport and Tourism. Eastbourne: LSA. pp.9-20.  

Refereed Conference Papers and Proceedings:

Matheson, C. M. 2008. Sport and Regeneration: A Stakeholder Evaluation of the
Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Legacy Proposals. Community, Capital and Cultures: Leisure and Regeneration as Cultural Practice. 8-10 July 2008. Liverpool: Liverpool John Moores University.

Goldblatt, J. J. & Matheson, C. M. 2008. Convention and Event Volunteers. AEME: Partners in Delivery – Educating for Employment. 19-20 June 2008. Sheffield: Sheffield Hallam University.

Thompson, K. and Matheson, C. M. 2006. Motivations for Attending Ulaanbaatar’s Naadam Festival: Key Differences for Overseas and Domestic Visitors. Tourism in Asia. 10-12 June 2006. Leeds: Leeds Metropolitan University.

Foley, M. McPherson, G. and Matheson, C. M. 2005. Cultural Identity and Festivity: Generating Singapore through Citizenship and Enterprise in Events Activity. Festivals and Events: Beyond Economic Impacts. 6-8 July 2005. Edinburgh: Napier University.

Matheson, C. M. 2004. Consuming the Backstage: Quests for Authentic Social Relations. In: MacLellan, R. Baum, T. Goldsmith, A. Kokkranikal, J. Losekoot, E. Miller, S. Morrison, A. Nickson, D. Taylor, J. S. and Thompson, K. eds. Proceedings of Tourism: State of the Art II. 27-30 June 2004. Glasgow: University of Strathclyde.

Matheson, C. M. 2003. A quest to socialise? Commodification, authenticity and a Celtic music festival. Leisure and Visual Culture. 8-10 July 2003. London: University of Surrey.


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