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Business Enterprise and Management - Ana Tominc

Dr Ana Tominc
Position: Lecturer in Gastronomy
Phone: 0131 474 0000


University of Primorska, BA/MA, 2001-2006, Cultural Studies and Social Anthropology (distinction)

University of Lancaster, MA, 2007-2008, Linguistics (distinction)

University of Lancaster, PhD, 2008-2012, Linguistics (Critical discourse analysis, Cultural studies, Food studies)


FRIEDinburgh – Food Researchers in Edinburgh

Association for the Study of Food and Society


Personal Profile:

My background is in cultural studies, social anthropology, food studies and (critical) discourse analysis. I am interested in the following areas:

  • contemporary discourse on food; food (social) media, food rhetoric, cookbooks
  • food and identity, social class and lifestyle, celebrity chef culture
  • culinary (national) identity and nationalism
  • food and racism/stereotypes
  • taste and social change in post Socialist Central and South-eastern Europe

In my PhD thesis, which was an interdisciplinary study combining critical discourse analysis, cultural and food studies, I focused on the globalisation of celebrity chefs’ discourse, as for example Jamie Oliver’s, and the social/discourse change their appearance caused in the target countries, such as Slovenia, where my case study was situated. The study highlighted the effects of the global food media on local food discourse and the changes such interference may have had on local food practices.

Additionally, based on an analysis of celebrity cookbooks, the study demonstrated how the emerging “new middle class”, that associated themselves most strongly with such lifestyle, may appropriate and localise the “global” taste while at the same time rebrand the already existing taste in terms of their own identity.

Recent Publications:

Peer-reviewed articles:
Ana Tominc (under review): Celebrity Chefs in Slovenia: Balkan vs. Central European Identity through Food. In Neuburger, Mary and Livers, Keith (eds). Table Matters. Oxford University Press.

Tominc, Ana (2014): Tolstoy in a recipe. Globalization and cookbook discourse in postmodernity. Nutrition and Food Science. Special issue Gastronomy Food, 44(4), 310-323.

Tominc, Ana (2014): Legitimising amateur celebrity chefs’ advice and the discursive transformation of the Slovene culinary national identity. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 17(3), 316-337.

Forchtner, Bernhard, Ana Tominc (2012): Critique and argumentation: on the relation between the discourse-historical approach and pragma-dialectics. Journal of Language and Politics, 11, 1, 31–50.

*Reprinted in Wodak, Ruth (ed.) (2013): Critical discourse analysis. Four volumes. London: Sage.

Tominc, Ana (2009): Audrey I. Richards (1899–1984), pionirka antropologije prehrane [Audrey I. Richards (1899–1984), a pioneer of the anthropology of food]. In: Kramberger, Taja, Drago B. Rotar, Ana Tominc (eds): Temeljna besedila za zgodovinsko in socialno antropologijo. Skripta. Posebna številka revije Monitor ZSA [Fundamental texts for historical and social anthropology. Special issue of the Journal Monitor ZSA], 10, 1/2, 5–6.

Relevant Book Reviews:

Forthcoming. Untitled Book Review of Slapšak, Zelje in spolnost [Cabbage and sexuality]. Družboslovne razprave.

Forthcoming, 2015. Untitled Book Review of Frye & Bruner (eds), The Rhetoric of Food; Szatrowski (ed.), Language and Food; Gerhardt, Frobenius & Ley (eds), Culinary Linguistics. Discourse and Society.

2014. Untitled Book Review of Šarić et al. (eds), Transforming National Holidays. Critical Discourse Studies. 11, 3, 373-376.

2011. Untitled Book Review of Kramberger & Rotar, Misliti družbo, ki se sama ne misli [Thinking society that does not think (itself)]. Teorija in praksa, 48, 6, 1704–5.

2010. Untitled Book Review of Vezovnik, Diskurz. [Discourse.]. Journal of Language and Politics, 11, 2, 297–300.

2009. Untitled Book Review of Wodak & Meyer (eds), Methods of Critical Discourse Analysis. Družboslovne razprave, 25, 62, 85–87.

Relevant Conference Presentations:

2015. With Phil Lyon: Talking taste: Ambrose Heath’s readers and their world in the 1930s. First International Conference on Food History and Food Studies, IEHCA (Tours, France), 26–27 March 2015.

2015. With B Forchtner: Kalashnikov and cooking-spoon: neo-Nazism, veganism and lifestyle in Germany. Eating Otherwise. An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Food and Culture. Lancaster University (Lancaster, UK), 28Feb – 1Mar 2015.

2014. Construction of European/non-Balkan identity in the discourse of celebrity chefs in Slovenia. Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD) 2014, ELTE Budapest (Budapest, Hungary) 1-3 September 2014.

2014. Discourse, food, and globalization: Celebrity chefs and cookbooks in Slovenia. Language and Society Research Group, Georgetown University (Washington DC, US), 12 Feb 2014.

2014. Celebrity chefs and the contemporary attempt towards a discursive transformation of the Slovene national culinary identity. Symposium Food for Thought: Culture and Cuisine in Russia and Eastern Europe, 1800-present. University of Texas (Austin, US), 7-8 February 2014. (Part of a panel “Anatomy of Regime Changing Culinary Identities: A Case of Slovenia between 19th Century and Today”).

2013. Discursive construction of the Slovene national identity through cookbook translations. i-Mean @UWE Conference. University of the West of England (Bristol, UK), 18-20 April 2013.

2011. Between tradition and innovation in a contemporary Slovene discourse about food. Food and Drink: their Social, Political and Cultural Histories Conference. University of Central Lancashire (Preston, UK), 15-17 June 2011.

2010. Localising Jamie’s Italy: Representation of Italy in the Slovene translations of Oliver’s cookbooks. 42nd Annual British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL) Meeting. University of Aberdeen (Aberdeen, UK), 7-9 Sept 2010


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