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The Vice-Chancellor’s International Travel Fund

How to donate

How your donations help

At Queen Margaret University we are committed to supporting our students, helping them to make the most of the opportunities available and ensuring they have the best possible learning experience during their time here.

The Vice-Chancellor's Fund

Professor Petra Wend, QMU Principal, has created a fund for the specific purpose of broadening students’ horizons, providing the means for students to travel abroad to study or take part in exchanges.

“Although there are a number of programmes that students can take part in, places are limited and the criteria are very specific. Some students, however, might have some contacts abroad, such as companies, and could be invited to take part in an unpaid work placement without the means to pay for their flight or for the whole of accommodation. Or there might be a PhD student who would be keen to do some qualitative research abroad, but again cannot pay the full amount of the travel costs. I had intended the money to go for these kinds of students. In some cases, a cheque of 200 might be enough to make it possible for them to travel.”

Gift Acceptance Policy

How to apply - The Vice-Chancellor’s International Travel Fund

Please click on the following link: - Criteria and Application

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